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3D Cubes Unlimited (PC Download)
3D Cubes Unlimited screenshot3D Cubes Unlimited screenshot3D Cubes Unlimited screenshot

3D Cubes Unlimited (PC Download)

File size: 5 MB
Publisher: TLK Games
Sold by: Regnow
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System requirements:

Pentium 500 MHz,
128MB RAM,
3D accelerator video card 8MB,
5MB free hard drive space
3D Cubes Unlimited - A unique game of thought in 3 dimensions requiring you to form the words presented on the board by using the lettered cubes. It is up to you to learn to correctly position the cubes. It’s just you, your mind and the cubes! The game may seem rather easy at the beginning but becomes progressively more difficult as you advance through the levels. With a total 180 levels and 3 possible languages, let the games begin! The game consists of 60 levels of English words, 60 levels of French words and 60 levels of Spanish words, representing a total of 180 levels each with 3 sub-levels of difficulty to chose from (easy, intermediate, advanced). With high color graphics, exceptional music and instinctive utilization, this game offers hours of visual pleasure.