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Tetris games

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TiQal (PC Download)
NZ$13,41 NZ$4,01
Do you have the courage to confront the Gods? The village of TiQal is in trouble, and you`re their only hope. Destroy the evil block wall by creating squares of color. Your enemies will try to block your...

World Of Pentrix (PC Download)
World Of Pentrix - The Classic Block Drop game has come into the new century! With brilliant colours, music and sound effects and intuitive gameplay tune ups this classic has been given a new face. Both...

3D Blocmania (PC Download)
Blocmania is a puzzle video game build on blocks in 3D real-time. Comparing favorably with the most popular games on the market. The basic concept is rather simple; the player must control and aligns...

Brix Quest (PC Download)
Brixquest - Begin your quest through the ancient castle for treasures lost in this unique brick-matching puzzler! Each level has a distinct goal...reach it, and you are on to another, matching bricks...

Treasure of Persia (PC Download)
NZ$13,41 NZ$4,01
This tricky, multilevel puzzler will have you hunting for treasure. In the twilight rooms of a Persian palace, you will find tricky puzzles awaiting you. Line up three or more same-colored gem chips to...

Bloxter (PC Download)
NZ$13,41 NZ$4,01
Your job as a bloxter is to produce energy in a block reactor. Arrange colored blocks as they fall from above. If you can make the blocks form complete lines, they will react and disappear! Look out for...

ClickBuster (PC Download)
ClickBuster - Great arcade game collection, with different skill levels, several quite varying playing modes. All Tetris, Coppapse, Clickomania lovers will surely enjoy this ne game. A mode for two players...

Doctris Deluxe (PC Download)
Doctris Deluxe Doctor Smith's laboratory got contaminated by malicious viruses. They are hiding from him in laboratory glassware. Please, help the doctor to disinfect the laboratory and get rid of the...

Power Chips (PC Download)
Power Chips is an action puzzle game with all the glitz and glamour of Las Vegas. Eliminate groups of 3 or more matching chips from the game board to increase your score. Play the special bonus chips...