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Management games

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You're The Boss (PC Download)
NZ$13,41 NZ$4,01
Take the reins of a lowly warehouse office and work your way up the corporate ladder in You're The Boss. Haunted by a mysterious voice in your head, you know nothing more than a prophecy that foretells...

Enchanted Katya and the Mystery of the Lost Wizard (PC Download)
NZ$13,41 NZ$4,01
Katya is a student of the Highest Magic Mystery School when the owner of a potion shop goes missing! Help Katya run the shop and become a complete master of potion preparation in this fun Time Management...

Travel Agency (PC Download)
NZ$13,41 NZ$4,01
Running a Travel Agency is no vacation. Build your own travel agency from the ground up in this challenging Time Management game. Create fabulous vacation packages for many kinds of customers. Watch out...

The Office (PC Download)
NZ$13,41 NZ$4,01
Those who think they could survive the zany workplace scenarios featured in NBC`s comedy The Office can soon put the absurd to the test with an all-new game based on the Emmy Award-winning television...

Photo Mania (PC Download)
NZ$13,41 NZ$4,01
In Photo Mania, you can make your dreams of becoming a photographer come true. Ellie didn`t have much direction in her life. Then one day while walking her dog in the park, she noticed an ad for photography...

Gazillionaire III (PC Download)
NZ$13,41 NZ$4,01
Gazillionaire III - Gazillionaire is the wildest simulation game you've ever played. Explore new worlds, shop for bizarre things like moon ferns, babel seeds and kryptoons, and make your fortune. Gazillionaire...

Capitalism II (PC Download)
NZ$13,41 NZ$4,01
Capitalism 2 lets you build the business empire of your dream. You become a corporate CEO and face real-world challenges as you build a business empire! It's a comprehensive business simulation that...

Believe in Sandy: Holiday Story (PC Download)
NZ$13,41 NZ$4,01
Believe in Sandy: Holiday Story - Help our heroine Sandy to build a perfect Gift Shop! Juggle orders from demanding customers, customize the presents so that they look fabulous, create a unique ambiance...

Beauty Factory (PC Download)
NZ$13,41 NZ$4,01
Become the CEO of a beauty products company and follow your intuition on which products to research, produce, and sell. Develop your fledgling company into a beauty empire by making smart business decisions...

Miss Management (PC Download)
NZ$13,41 NZ$4,01
Get ready to manage a team of zany animated coworkers as you step into the shoes of Denise, a young and beleaguered first-time office manager. You'll have to juggle incoming work tasks, keep everyone...

The Apprentice - Los Angeles (PC Download)
NZ$13,41 NZ$4,01
The Apprentice: Los Angeles - Play for the top spot in the Trump Organization in this innovative twist on resource management-style games. Earn the most money by serving your customers as efficiently...